Andreas Bier (Erich)

April 7, 1943

September 27, 2023

Andreas Erich Bier, born on April 7, 1943, in Graz Austria, faced numerous hardships alongside his mother during World War II. Eventually, their family sought a better life in Canada, making the arduous journey by boat and train, where they found themselves immersed in the world of sugar beets. At just 8 years old, Erich left school to contribute to his family’s livelihood, working diligently with the beets. This strong work ethic persisted throughout his entire life, even when he was confined to a dementia unit, constantly striving to “escape”.

At the young age of 18, Erich entered into a marriage with Marge while serving in the Army Infantry. However, the military failed to recognize his married status, providing him with a lesser allowance of $60 per month instead of $120, which was insufficient with a baby on the way. Consequently, Erich was discharged honorably. Marge and Erich went on to have two more children, Christopher, Andy, and Debby, who mourn his passing.

Erich’s adventurous spirit led him to depart from his first marriage, eventually crossing paths with Maggie, whom he married. Together, they embarked on a fruitful life. Erich successfully pursued a career as a locksmith, showcasing his creativity by designing and manufacturing a floor and wall safe. Displaying his commitment to public service, he ran as a federal candidate for the Reform Party, earning the respect and admiration of many. Life-altering events, such as experiencing a heart attack, did not deter Erich’s determination to thrive. He obtained his high school diploma and became a licensed real estate agent, a profession he had previously dabbled in. It was during his time in real estate that he met Donna, the love of his life and his partner in endless adventures and wild endeavors.

Married for 30 years, Erich and Donna accomplished countless endeavors together. They ventured into restaurant and business ownership, as well as entering the world of auctioneering. Additionally, Erich authored six children’s books that remain in print. His passion for land development fueled his aspirations, and he consistently impressed those around him with his ambitious ideas. Unfortunately, in the past few years, dementia began to consume Erich’s life, deeply affecting both him and Donna.

After suffering a devastating brain injury from a fall, Erich was placed into care, where he ultimately passed away. He is survived by his three children, Christopher (Laurie), Andy (Linda), Deborah (Edward, deceased), as well as Donna’s children, Robert, David, and Jessica. Erich’s legacy lives on through his five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The world will undeniably be a little quieter without his vibrant presence. Cremation arrangements have been entrusted to Zentner Funeral Home.

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