Bruce Benjamin Clark

February 22, 1946

July 30, 2023

Bruce passed away on July 30, 2023 due to complications arising from glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Throughout his life, he possessed an insatiable curiosity and displayed a profound thirst for knowledge. His well-rounded education and extensive reading enriched his understanding of the world. Furthermore, his adventurous spirit took him to various destinations, allowing him to gain valuable experiences from different cultures. Bruce believed in the significance of genuine love and was truly grateful to have found it with his beloved wife Corine. Their deep affection and support were matched by the immense pride he felt in his daughter Blythe and son Sam. Additionally, his siblings Deborah, Benjamin, and Melissa, along with their numerous offspring, will deeply mourn his loss. Regrettably, Bruce expressed remorse for not investing more effort in nurturing his existing friendships.

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