Carol Helen McAllister

June 19, 2023

Carol McAllister, aged 85, passed away peacefully while holding her daughter Shannon’s hand at Care Life Fleetwood Hospice on June 19, 2023. During her lifetime, Carol was preceded in death by her parents, her sister Shirley, and her former husband Stan, with whom she maintained a close relationship. Carol dedicated over 40 years of her life serving as a realtor in B.C., and even in her late 70s, she continued to work due to her immense love for people. Known for her infectious happiness, Carol always wore a smile on her face and cherished the opportunity to host family and friends’ gatherings, particularly during Christmas, her favorite time of year. Her departure leaves a significant void in the lives of numerous friends and family members.

To those who knew Carol, she will forever be a radiant presence. As she journeys on to the next realm, Carol’s spirit continues to touch our hearts every day. Regardless of where we go or the smiles we encounter, we can feel her smile radiating back at us, reminding us that she is watching over us, gracefully dancing in the moonlight. Her star shines down on all of us, symbolizing her newfound freedom. The impact of Carol’s absence is deeply felt by her loving son Brad (Brenda), daughter Shannon, granddaughter Shayla (Casper), sister Robbie, as well as Fred, Gordie, Abby, and many nieces and nephews.

Carol McAllister will forever remain in our hearts, her memory a constant companion. Though we mourn her loss, we also celebrate the incredible life she lived, the joy she shared, and the love she showered upon everyone fortunate enough to know her. In embracing her star’s eternal glow, we find solace, as her spirit and legacy continue to shine brightly within us.

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