Carol May Bushey

April 26, 1958

September 15, 2023

Carol, beloved sister and daughter, peacefully passed away on September 15, 2023. She is remembered for her gentle nature and compassionate heart. Carol is survived by her loving sister, Connie, and her brother, Bruce, along with his wife. Her deep devotion to her family never wavered, and she will be greatly missed. Carol was preceded in death by her beloved parents, Victor and Agnes. She now rests in eternal peace. A graveside service will be held on October 7th at 2 pm in the tranquil grounds of Fredericksheim Baptist Cemetery.

In memory of Carol, we commemorate her remarkable kindness and the radiant warmth she brought to all who knew her. She was always the source of comfort and support during challenging times. Her genuine care for others left an indelible mark on the lives she touched. Carol’s untimely departure has left a void that cannot be filled, but her spirit will forever live on in our hearts.

To honor Carol’s life, a solemn gathering will take place on October 7th at the Fredericksheim Baptist Cemetery. As we pay our last respects, we fondly remember the moments we shared with Carol and celebrate the immeasurable impact she had on us all. Together, we will find solace in the cherished memories we hold, knowing that her legacy of love and kindness will endure through generations to come.

As we bid farewell to an exceptional soul, let us come together to strengthen one another during this difficult time. The upcoming graveside service on October 7th at 2 pm will allow us to honor Carol’s life and find solace in the memories we shared. May her spirit find eternal peace, and may her legacy continue to inspire us to live our lives with the same kindness and compassion that she bestowed upon us all.

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