Carole Gammage (Cari)

September 27, 2023

Carol (Cari) Gammage, aged XX, peacefully passed away on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. Beloved fiancé and soulmate Daniel O’Reilly of Stratford, Ont., survives her. Cari lived her life with unwavering determination, embracing every opportunity that came her way. She dedicated her professional career to Bell Canada, where she excelled as a highly sought-after business analyst. Not only was she passionate about her work, but she also championed the cause of women’s empowerment and independence. During winter, Cari found solace in the warm embrace of Florida alongside Daniel, creating cherished memories together. Her Sunday brunch rendezvous with her close-knit Wink’s gang brought her immense joy. Cari, your exceptional wisdom and tremendous strength will forever be missed as you transition into the cosmic universe. A celebration of her remarkable life will be arranged at a later time. In memory of Cari, donations can be made to the charity of your choice.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Carol (Cari) Gammage, aged XX, on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. Left behind is her devoted fiancé and the love of her life, Daniel O’Reilly, residing in Stratford, Ont. Throughout her life, Cari fearlessly pursued her dreams and lived with an unwavering spirit. She found fulfillment in her successful career as a respected business analyst at Bell Canada. Alongside her professional endeavors, she emerged as a fervent advocate for the empowerment of women and the cultivation of independence. During the winter months, Cari sought solace and joy with Daniel in the sunny landscapes of Florida. Additionally, her heart overflowed with happiness during her cherished Sunday brunch gatherings with her beloved Wink’s gang. As Cari transcends and becomes a part of the universe, her profound wisdom and indomitable strength will be dearly missed. A celebratory gathering honoring her extraordinary life will be organized at a future date, and those wishing to commemorate her memory are encouraged to contribute to a cause of personal significance.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, marked the somber passing of Carol (Cari) Gammage at the age of XX. Cari’s deeply committed fiancé, Daniel O’Reilly, hailing from Stratford, Ont., is left behind to mourn her loss. She was a resolute individual who approached life with unyielding determination, refusing to make any excuses for herself. Bell Canada was privileged to have Cari as an integral part of their workforce, where she showcased her exceptional talents as a highly sought-after business analyst. Beyond her professional achievements, she actively championed the cause of women’s empowerment and fought for their autonomy. Cari found immense joy and contentment throughout the winters spent in Florida, relishing the company of Daniel. Her Sunday brunch get-togethers with her dear Wink’s gang were cherished moments that filled her heart with happiness. Today, as Cari transcends this mortal realm and becomes interwoven with the vast universe, we feel a tremendous void in the wake of her departure. A commemorative celebration to honor her extraordinary life will be scheduled for a later date. In remembrance of Cari, donations can be made to a charity of personal significance.

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