Charles Longeway

We are deeply grateful for the support and assistance we received after the passing of our beloved husband and father. The County of Brant Ambulance Services, Kevin Robinson, our honorary pall bearers, and Randy Papple all played significant roles in honoring Charles and providing comfort during our time of loss. We also want to express our appreciation to those who sent flowers, food, and made donations in Charles’ memory. Additionally, we want to thank our friends and family for their support, love, and assistance during this difficult time. We are especially grateful to Anne Mayer and Susanne Matijasevich, Sherry and Gary Lacey, Mary, Allie and Torie Trombetta, Melissa DiPalmo, Alex Jr & Shelley Dzsudzsak, Nancy and Lou Imola, Matt’s Gang, and Scot’s Friends for their kindness. Lastly, we want to thank Walter and Aileen, Brian and Tonietta, and Alex Sr for their continual love and support. Thank you all for making a tough time a little bit easier for us.

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