Dieter Gruenwoldt

November 24, 1940

September 24, 2023

Dieter Gruenwoldt peacefully passed away at The Grove Nursing Home on September 24th, 2023, at the age of 82. He was born in Berlin, Germany on November 24th, 1940, and spent his youth in Long Island, NY before eventually moving to Canada. Dieter’s passion for forestry and the natural environment took him to Ranger School in New York State and later to the College of Forestry at Syracuse University, where he graduated in Landscape Architecture.

Dieter’s diverse career began with the U.S. Forest Service in Montana, after which he joined the US Peace Corps in Chile from 1964 to 1966. During his time there, he dedicated himself to promoting community development. Upon his arrival in Canada in 1966, he pursued Landscape Architecture and eventually co-founded his own firm, Gruenwoldt Copeland and Associates, alongside his close friend and business partner, Jack Copeland.

Throughout his career, Dieter’s dedication to the environment and its preservation led him to work with the federal government in Indian and Northern Affairs. He became an early advocate for the protection of First Nations’ lands and formed close relationships with Indigenous communities. His involvement in Nunavut school projects and consultative work for policy development in the North brought him great satisfaction.

Above all else, Dieter cherished spending time with his family. He was married to his devoted wife, Pam (Forbes), for 46 years, and they had two children, Emily (Chris) and Leif (Tanya). He delighted in observing his four grandchildren, Finley, Gwen, Bran, and Juniper. In his earlier years, Dieter enjoyed activities such as blazing trails on his family’s property, building tree forts with his children, gardening, fishing, and hiking.

Dieter was admired for his ability to undertake ambitious projects at home. He would meticulously plan and outline the details at the kitchen table, before pursuing his visions with determination, sweat, and hard work. Often using only his hands, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow, he managed to accomplish remarkable feats. Together with his family by his side, he transformed the Kinburn property, dedicating evenings and weekends to the task.

Dieter cherished the connections he maintained with his schoolmates throughout the years. The family would like to express their gratitude to the staff of The Arnprior Grove Home for their exceptional care of Dieter. To honor his memory, donations can be made to the Nature Conservancy of Canada or the World Wildlife Fund.

A celebration of Dieter’s life will be held on October 2, 2023, at 2p at The Bridge church in Kanata, ON, followed by a reception. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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