Douglas Grant Kibble

Doug peacefully passed away on July 26 at the age of 79. Born to May and George Kibble, he spent his childhood in the Marpole and Kerrisdale neighborhoods of Vancouver. Throughout his life, Doug cultivated numerous friendships and business connections in the Main Street and Commercial Drive areas. He dedicated himself to various hobbies such as graphic arts, vintage cars and trains, as well as mid-century modern furniture design. Renowned for his skillful restoration work, Doug’s collectibles were highly sought after. These passions not only brought him joy but also allowed him to forge lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

In addition to his interests in the arts and design, Doug had an avid love for music, particularly early Rock & Roll. His passion for this era led him to become a collector and a well-informed historian of rockabilly music. With his charismatic personality, Doug possessed the gift of storytelling and entertained those around him with his wonderful tales.

Doug’s passing is mourned by a multitude of friends and family members, including his siblings Linda, Gwyneth, and Steve, along with his cousin Kath. In accordance with Doug’s wishes, there will be no memorial service held to honor his life.

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