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Earl David Hardin

December 10, 1933

November 1, 2023

Earl’s beloved wife, Rosalee, passed away in 2019 after an exceptional 62 years of marriage. He is survived by his daughter Marni and his brother Herschel, as well as close friends and family. Earl’s devoted companion of the past two years, Donna Ornstein, also mourns his loss deeply.

Growing up in Vegreville, Alberta, Earl had a profound passion for sports. This led him to pursue a career as a sports reporter for the Vegreville Observer in his youth. During his time at the University of Alberta, he served as the Sports Editor for The Gateway student newspaper. These experiences opened doors for him, enabling him to secure summer jobs at The Canadian Press and British United Press. One of the highlights of his journalism career was covering the 1954 British Empire Games and two PGA golf tournaments.

During his summer job in Vancouver, Earl met his future wife, Rosalee Moscovitz. They tied the knot on August 18, 1957. Rosalee, a bacteriologist, provided unwavering support as Earl completed medical school in Edmonton. Following this, they spent two years at VGH and enjoyed three blissful years in the Menninger psychiatry training program in Topeka, Kansas.

In 1963, Earl established his psychiatry practice in Vancouver, which flourished for an impressive 57 years. Throughout his career, he made significant contributions to the field and held various executive positions in psychiatric associations at the local, national, and international levels. Earl and Rosalee’s shared love for golf took them around the world, with their annual winter vacation in Freeport, Bahamas remaining a cherished tradition for 37 years. They played over 80 golf courses together, both locally and globally.

Earl considered himself incredibly fortunate to have experienced the warmth and love of both Rosalee and Marni throughout his life. He also cherished the friendships he cultivated over the years and felt blessed to have Donna as a loyal and precious companion in his later years. Earl’s family extends their heartfelt gratitude to the physicians who provided exceptional care, including Stanley Sunshine, Duncan Miller, David Thompson, Nadia Zalunardo, and Saul Isserow. A special acknowledgment goes to Vilma Mesa for her exceptional care during the last few months of Earl’s life.

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