James Al Windsor (Jim)

November 23, 1947

September 25, 2023

Windsor, James
(November 23, 1947-September 25, 2023)

James Al (Jim) Windsor, aged 75, peacefully passed away in hospice on September 25th, 2023.

Our beloved father, husband, grandpa, and “Unc.” was not only intelligent but also a lifelong learner, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him. Throughout his life, Jim approached everything he did with passion and adventure. His free spirit led him to undertake activities such as mountain hiking, hang-gliding, skinny dipping in mountain streams, and repelling off cliffs and bridges. He will forever be remembered for his deep love for birds, nature, and all living creatures. However, he did hold some reservations towards porcupines, especially if they started eating his trees. Jim was renowned for his exceptional work ethic, known for responsibilities such as shoveling snow for the entire block, caring for family members, writing computer programs, and studying calculus “for fun.” At his favorite place, fondly called “The Sand Farm,” Jim created miles of trails and lookout spots. Perhaps one of his extraordinary talents was his ability to disassemble and reassemble objects even in complete darkness, as long as someone could hold a flashlight. His tremendous sense of humor was apparent through his amusing nicknames for loved ones and his unique phrases, like “We’re off like a turd of hurdles.” The sound of his laughter, reminiscent of a donkey, was contagious.

Jim is survived by his loving wife, Shirley Windsor, and his daughters, Bobbi (Stefano) Francescut and Cori (Marc) Tremblay. Additionally, he leaves behind cherished grandchildren named Simon, Marcus, Madeline, and Phoenix. Jim is also survived by his sister, Judy Windsor, his niece, Candy Retson, and his nephew, Robert Calvert. He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert (Bob) Windsor and Emily Rose (Becky) Jorgensen, as well as his brother, John Windsor.

In accordance with his wishes, a small and intimate celebration of Jim’s life will be held in the spring of 2024, in his favorite place where he found solace among birds, wildflowers, and trees. Instead of customary tributes, donations can be made to Pilgrims Hospice (https://pilgrimshospice.com/get-involved/make-a-donation/), which would honor his memory. He would also be delighted to know that you continue to feed the birds and remember him in doing so.

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