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Jane Elizabeth Hemsworth

It is with sadness that her siblings, Kathy, and Tom, announce Jane’s passing at the hospital in Mackenzie, British Columbia, following a brief illness.

She will be dearly missed by her good friend, Janelle Wood, with whom she and her cat and small dog were visiting at the time, and her many former friends in her hometown of Woodstock, Ontario, and subsequent residences in Calgary and Strathmore, Alberta, and, for the last five years in Strathclair, Manitoba.

Jane was an animal lover from childhood, and her pets, ranging from pigeons to rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, and horses, always played a large role in her life. She never wanted to see any animal mistreated and would go out of her way to rescue them. A notable example was a horse, reputably en route to a glue factory, which she was never able to ride, but took good care of for the rest of its life.

She had a strong work ethic and was instrumental in establishing what is now Springbank Cheese Company (Alberta) Ltd. She was subsequently employed by a trucking firm and then a courier company.

Cremation has already taken place, and a small memorial service will be held some time this spring or summer at Aylmer Cemetery, at which time her ashes will be buried at the grave site of her parents, Frank and Pauline Hemsworth (nee Allin). Details will follow.

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