April 4, 1997 – March 18, 2006
My beautiful sweet child, you would have been turning 27 this April 4th. You should have had the chance to grow from a boy to a man, a kind brave and loving man, like the boy you were until your last breath.
But I will never know the man I
imagine and dream you would
become. Jared, my son, you were always singing and composing songs. “The Hardness” you wrote and last sang to me just a week
before your cruel death, as we traveled to the Science Centre on your final March Break. You
composed many songs while you played your electric piano, but this is the only one that was written down, along with many other poems. Your written words are
sacred to me, My Jared, and
leave me with a window
into your beautiful, little boy’s soul.
Love you Forever, Jared
Mommy XOXO
The Hardness –
written by Jared, age 6
There is a Hardness
in things we can’t do,
But at least we have a Heart
in us that is Special
That’s what’s important about us.
There’s lots of things we can’t do,
Like we can’t breathe underwater,
And we can’t breathe underground.
Birds fly and we can’t.
Just call it the Hardness.
But the important thing about us
Is that we have a Heart……

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