June 7, 1929

October 30, 2023

Jon, a native of Norway, made the life-altering decision to move to Canada in 1952. He laid down his roots in Burnaby, where he skillfully navigated the Real Estate Industry and built a name for himself. During his time there, he dedicated himself to raising his beloved sons Edward and John Michael, providing them with a nurturing environment to thrive. The Family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to New Vista for the unwavering support and care they provided. May Jon find eternal peace in the embrace of serenity.

Jon, hailing from Norway, ventured across the seas to make Canada his new home in 1952. The charming city of Burnaby became his haven, where he flourished as an esteemed figure in the Real Estate Industry. It was in this picturesque setting that he wholeheartedly devoted himself to his two sons, Edward and John Michael, ensuring their upbringing was filled with warmth and love. The Family extends their sincerest appreciation to New Vista for their compassionate support during these challenging times. May Jon’s soul now rest in tranquil repose.

Leaving his Norwegian roots behind, Jon embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to settle in Canada in 1952. Burnaby, with its allure and potential, became his sanctuary as he carved out a successful path in the Real Estate Industry. It was within the framework of this thriving career that he embraced his role as a loving father to Edward and John Michael, nurturing them and helping them blossom into remarkable individuals. The Family wishes to acknowledge New Vista for their unwavering support, offering solace during this trying period. As Jon bids us farewell, may he find everlasting peace in the gentle embrace of serenity.

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