Karl Heinrich Gall

September 21, 1929

August 27, 2023

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of a truly extraordinary man. Karl Gall, a loving father, grandfather, and friend, lived a remarkable life spanning 93 years. His memory will forever be cherished as that of a gentle, strong, and compassionate soul.

Karl is survived by his two daughters, Jennifer (Cyrille) and Helen (Greg), as well as his cherished grandchildren, Cody, Krista, Keisha, Stefan, and Jay. The loss of his beloved wife Linda, who passed away earlier, weighs heavily on our hearts. Additionally, Karl was preceded in death by his sister Paula and his nephew Dieter.

Karl’s life was characterized by a sense of adventure and resilience. Born to a soldier during the tumultuous periods of World War I and II, he sought a fresh start by responding to an advertisement in Germany, which led him to work as a farmer in Canada. Upon his arrival, he embarked on a diverse array of occupations, including pig farming in Saskatchewan and plumbing and heating in Calgary. However, amidst his Canadian journey, he felt the pangs of loneliness and sought solace through correspondence with his sister back in Germany. It was through this exchange that he met Sieglinde (Linda) Gall, whom he married in 1956 before bringing her back to Canada.

Together, Linda and Karl built a beautiful life in Canada, defined by their passion for reading, music, and old TV shows. They found joy in camping in Marble Canyon and nurturing their growing family. Karl possessed numerous interests and hobbies, from sailing in his homemade boats (a total of seven throughout his life) to restoring classic cars. In fact, he meticulously kept track of the 33 cars they owned together. Despite his age, he remained remarkably tech-savvy and enjoyed using the latest gadgets and platforms, such as the iPad, e-readers, Instagram, and even his Apple Watch. He formed a deep bond with his good friend Lois and regularly connected with her through FaceTime, sharing laughter and anecdotes about their lives and families.

Karl also prioritized his health, dedicating himself to daily exercise in his home gym. He firmly believed that the key to longevity resided in enjoying a good German sausage, a stein of beer, and a slice of Linda’s lemon loaf. When Linda’s health began to decline in their later years, Karl’s unwavering devotion became evident as he lovingly cared for her until her final days. Their enduring love served as an inspiration to all who witnessed it. After 59 years of marriage, Karl often remarked to his children, “I could not have found a better wife, and you a better mother.” It is said that one’s worth is measured by the lives they touch, and by that measure, Karl was extraordinarily rich. His memory will forever enrich our lives.

Condolences, memories, and photos can be shared and viewed with Karl’s family at http://www.MHFH.com. In memory of Karl Gall, a tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area by McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes.

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