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Kenneth Grey Alexander, born on December 29, 1935, peacefully passed away in his Cayley, Alberta home on July 23, 2023. He was raised in Nanaimo, BC by his parents Elsie Delilah and Kenneth Dobeson Alexander. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science, he married Sharon Marie Stewart in 1959 and settled in South Calgary. Grey worked as a geologist for Panarctic Oils, which allowed him to travel extensively in the Canadian North and around the world.

In 1974, Grey moved his family to an acreage in Okotoks, Alberta, where he started raising a small flock of sheep along with horses and chickens. Three years later, the family relocated to a quarter-section of land near Cayley, Alberta, becoming integral members of the community. Despite the daily commute to downtown Calgary for work, Grey received support and friendship from the Cayley Hutterite Colony as he developed his flock.

Grey achieved a significant milestone in his career in 1985 as transportation manager when the first shipments of crude oil extracted from the North were delivered to market from Bent Horn. He retired from Panarctic Oils in 1999 as Vice-President of Operations and spent his remaining years dedicated to caring for his flock. Grey often referred to Cayley as “the center of the earth.”

Known as an outdoorsman with a strong sense of adventure, Grey enjoyed various activities such as hunting, fishing, trail riding, and sledding. He possessed a strong intellectual curiosity and was an avid reader, delving into genres ranging from spy novels to politics, history, and poetry. Whether reciting historical events or discussing current affairs, Grey’s captivating storytelling and sly sense of humor held his audience spellbound. He held deep reverence for tradition, remaining loyal to his British heritage, the Crown, and his religious beliefs. Grey and Sharon frequently traveled to St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Calgary, which offered Mass in Latin, as it resonated with his preferences.

In his final days, Grey received compassionate care from Terri-Lynn Thomas, Alberta Integrated Home Care, and Foothills Home Services. He will forever be remembered for his unparalleled charisma, kindness to friends, and fair dealings in business.

Grey is survived by his children Marie Therese Mitchell, Kenneth Robin Alexander, Leslie Noel Alexander, Kimberley Anne McAneny Alexander (Michael), and Christopher Grey Alexander (Nancy), as well as his grandchildren Codie Marie, Samuel Grey, Augustus Frank, Abigail Mary, and Nicholas Christopher, along with great-grandchildren Emma-Grace and Finn Harrison. He is also fondly remembered by his cousin Margot Parr and nephew Dominic Alexander. Funeral services will be held on Friday, July 28, 2023, at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Calgary, Alberta, with a reception following at Snodgrass Funeral Homes in High River, Alberta. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

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