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Liz Parsons, a beloved member of the Goderich community, passed away on October 15, 2023. Growing up in Goderich, Liz had a childhood filled with joy and adventure. She fondly recalled her days spent with her pack of girlfriends, participating in handstand competitions in Lake Huron, enjoying wiener roasts under the Saltford bridge, and embarking on bike hikes to Benmiller. Although life in Goderich could also be monotonous, with repetitive drives around the square, Liz always found solace in prayer during times of sadness or fear.

During her teaching career in Waterloo, Liz formed deep friendships and found two sisters-by-choice. One of them, a fellow teacher, became close with Liz as they pursued their psychology degrees at the University of Waterloo. The two embarked on a memorable journey tenting their way across Canada. Liz bestowed the title sister-by-choice upon her, appreciating her non-judgmental nature. Another sister-by-choice was discovered during an adult swim class at the Waterloo Y, where Liz and her new friend earned swimming badges together. Their shared decision to ditch the class in favor of a beer demonstrated their immediate bond and sense of humor.

After leaving teaching and relocating to Toronto, Liz found love through a blind date set up by her sister-by-choice in British Columbia. Marrying Steve became the best decision of her life, as she had never felt more loved. Their union blessed them with two sons, Ted and Marshall, who brought immense joy and delight to Liz’s life. Throughout their many relocations, including stints in Australia and Waterloo, Liz felt grateful to have a loving family, lifelong friends, and the companionship of their goofy dog, goofy horse, and another goofy dog later on.

In 1995, Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer, but with the support of her dedicated medical team and her unwavering spirit, she fought against the disease and enjoyed many more years filled with blessings. Despite her battle with cancer resurfacing, Liz highlights the enduring romance with Steve, the unconditional love of her sons, the presence of her sisters-by-choice, and the friendship of four incredible men who considered her their sister. Liz cherished her Canadian identity, exercised her right to vote, held a library card, and was a member of the United Church of Canada. She reflected on the importance of breaking the cycle of domestic violence that she had experienced growing up and the loving friendship she formed with her mother.

As Liz peacefully departed, her spirit lives on. She leaves behind a legacy that can be felt in the sighting of a little blue butterfly or a captivating sunset. Her joyous presence and remarkable life will forever be remembered, bringing smiles to those who acknowledge the beauty around them and say, “There goes Liz.”

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