Norman ROSS

Norman Ross, born on August 22, 1939, sadly departed from this world on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at the age of 84. The news of his passing leaves a void in the hearts of his beloved family and friends. In this time of grief, those who wish to express their condolences, reminisce through shared memories, or pay tribute to Norman’s life can visit the website The funeral arrangements are being handled by Evan J. Strong Funeral Services, and any inquiries can be made by calling (403) 265-1199.

Norman Ross, a cherished individual, bid farewell to the world on September 21, 2023. He was 84 years old when he took his last breath. His departure has profoundly affected all those who knew and loved him. During this time of sorrow, his family welcomes photographs, memories, and kind words of solace on the website Evan J. Strong Funeral Services is overseeing the arrangements, and they can be contacted at (403) 265-1199 for any necessary assistance.

The lamentable passing of Norman Ross occurred on September 21, 2023, at the age of 84. Admired by many, he leaves behind grieving family and friends who are gathering to honor his memory. To share photographs, stories, or express sympathies, individuals are encouraged to visit For assistance regarding funeral arrangements, please contact Evan J. Strong Funeral Services at (403) 265-1199. Norman’s departure has undoubtedly created a void that will be felt by all fortunate enough to have known him.

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