Pamela Kundarewich

September 28, 1940

May 23, 2023

Pamela Christine Kundarewich (formerly known as Pamela Ellis) passed away on May 23, 2023 at the age of 82. Despite displaying a sense of adventure in her younger years, Pamela always embodied the quintessential British demeanor, never complaining and quietly accomplishing tasks with confidence and humility. Born on September 28, 1940, in Porthcawl, Wales during the tumultuous period of World War II, she spent her childhood in Swansea, Brighton, and Sheffield, attending High Storrs secondary school. While initially pursuing a degree in Social Work at the University of Hull, she decided to seek new experiences in Canada, where she began her career in Surrey BC as a social worker assisting those in need of welfare and child protection services.

Feeling the call of adventure even more strongly, Pamela set her sights on the Yukon, where she assumed a significant responsibility covering a vast service area from Dease Lake in British Columbia to the Yukon/Alaska border at Beaver Creek. In this role, she confronted challenging cases involving child protection. Remarkably, she twice faced armed intoxicated men, narrowly escaping harm on one occasion when she was shot at as she hurriedly drove away in her car. In another instance, she fearlessly joined forces with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to intervene in a dangerous situation, courageously entering a residence alongside them. Throughout her life, Pamela modestly refrained from mentioning these heroic acts, revealing them only when asked to document her life story recently.

For the remainder of her professional years, Pamela dedicated herself to Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital, where she served as a social worker until retiring in her 70s. Her unwavering support and guidance greatly aided children and their parents as they coped with the challenges presented by severe illnesses such as cancer and congenital heart problems. Across the hospitals and the families she assisted, Pamela garnered immense love, admiration, and respect. In her leisure time, she found solace and enjoyment in reading science fiction and murder mystery novels, as well as tending to her garden. Pamela is survived by her husband Paul B Kundarewich, her sons Paul D Kundarewich and Kevin Kundarewich, her daughters-in-law Zoe McDermott (married to Kevin) and Karen Sekikawa (married to Paul), as well as her cherished grandchildren Ellis Kundarewich and Lexa-Rose Kundarewich. She is preceded in death by her dear sister Marylyn Pittaris. Donations to BC Children’s Hospital can be made in her honor. We will forever miss Pamela, along with her delectable apple pies and scones that brought joy to our lives.

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