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Pauline Gimmer

February 19, 1948

October 21, 2023

Pauline Gimmer, a beloved member of her family, passed away peacefully in Ottawa on the 21st of October. Surrounding her in her final moments were her loved ones, who provided her solace and support during her battle with cancer. Known for her unwavering composure and resilience, Pauline faced her diagnosis with the same calmness that she had displayed throughout her decades-long nursing career, which took her to various rural and northern communities in BC and Saskatchewan. Her dedication to caring for others continued when she settled in London, Ontario, where she devoted her time to Canadian veterans suffering from dementia.

Beyond her healthcare profession, Pauline had an array of hobbies that brought her immense joy. She possessed the ability to cultivate any plant with her green thumb and showcased her creativity through quilting and collecting various arts and crafts. Upon retiring, Pauline relocated to Ottawa, where she focused on nurturing her grand-nephew Heath, whose presence constantly brought her happiness and wonder.

Pauline leaves behind a legacy that will forever remain in the hearts of her surviving family members, including her brother Doug, his wife Sue, and her five nephews Jeff, Craig, Jason, Michael, and Christopher. Additionally, her beloved grand-nephew Heath holds a special place in their memories of Pauline. Sadly, she was preceded in death by her parents Mary and David, as well as her siblings Dave, Dan, and Melody. It is worth noting that Pauline’s cherished dogs, Coco and Bozo, were an integral part of her life, to the point where not mentioning them would surely spark her presence even in the afterlife.

In honor of Pauline’s memory and the impact she had on those around her, donations can be made to organizations close to her heart such as Plan Canada and the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

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