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Ronald Bruce Elves

Ronald Bruce Elves, a humble man who initially didn’t desire an obituary, deserves a few heartfelt words. Throughout his 66 years, Ron predominantly resided in Calgary and cherished his roles as brother to Richard (Leslie) and Joanne (Jeff Wearmouth) and as the fun-loving and imaginative uncle of Melissa, Brittany, Clay, and Bonnie. During his upbringing, he effortlessly brought a lively atmosphere to any gathering and left everyone in stitches with his antics. If you had the pleasure of knowing Ron, you would find yourself nodding in agreement and chuckling at the memories. Additionally, he possessed an adventurous spirit, often leading the way on thrilling mountain biking and skiing escapades.

Among his various endeavors, Ron found great joy in his career as a pastry chef, an occupation that held special significance for those who knew him. He demonstrated his artistic prowess by creating jaw-dropping wedding cakes for close friends and dreamlike birthday cakes for his beloved nieces and nephew, featuring imaginative designs such as pirate ships, spiderman, bumblebees, dogs, and butterflies.

The year 2023 brought immense challenges as Ron confronted cancer. However, in his final days, tranquility graced his presence. Surrounded by loved ones, we reminisced with laughter and tears, hoping that he could hear us as we shared cherished memories and listened to nostalgic tunes. Poignantly, Ron peacefully departed this world as The Eagles serenaded him with “Desperado.” Throughout his life, Ron may have occasionally felt adrift, at times embodying the essence of a desperado, but he always possessed a kind and gentle heart.

Ron had a knack for seeking out the silver linings in life and relished in bringing smiles to people’s faces. In honor of his memory, let us continue his legacy by paying it forward and sharing smiles with others.

Expressions of condolences and fond memories can be shared with the family at http://www.cochranecountryfuneral.com.

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