Royal Harrison Edwin Connor (Ed)

September 12, 1962

July 18, 2023

Royal Harrison Edwin Connor, affectionately known as Ed, was born on September 12, 1962, and sadly passed away on July 18, 2023. Although he had been estranged from his wife, Debora Connor, for nearly 41 years, he leaves behind a legacy through his 11 children: Nathanael, Charity, Seth, Zachariah, Faith, Hope, Joshua, Joy, Timothy, David, and Daniel. Tragically, one of their children, Elias, died in infancy. Ed is also survived by his mother, Joyce Connor, his sister Tina Mitchell, his live-in girlfriend, Bonnie Taylor, her two children, and three grandchildren. The community will gather to honor his memory at the Chelsea Green Community Church on July 29, 2023, from 1-4 pm.

Ed’s journey on this earth spanned 60 years and was marked by both joy and hardship. Although his relationship with Debora had its challenges, they remained committed as parents to their large and loving family. Ed’s spirit will forever live on through his children and grandchildren, who will carry his memories and values in their hearts.

In addition to his immediate family, Ed leaves behind his devoted mother, Joyce, whose unwavering love and support provided him with strength throughout his life. His sister, Tina Mitchell, stood by his side as a constant source of comfort and companionship. Ed also found solace and love in his relationship with Bonnie Taylor, who shared his journey alongside her two children and three grandchildren.

On July 29, 2023, friends, family, and loved ones will gather at the Chelsea Green Community Church to celebrate Ed’s life and mourn his passing. A testimony to the impact he had on the lives of those around him, the church will provide a space for all to share their stories, memories, and pay their last respects. It is a testament to the bonds he forged that this event will be filled with love, laughter, and reflection.

As we bid farewell to Royal Harrison Edwin Connor, a beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend, let us remember the moments of happiness he shared and the enduring love he gave to those closest to him. May his soul find eternal peace, and may his memory forever guide and inspire us.

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