Sarah Elizabeth Smith

April 16, 1986

August 20, 2023

Sarah Elizabeth Smith passed away peacefully on her final day, surrounded by her loved ones at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital in Toronto. It was a beautiful day, with the warm sun shining down on Sarah as she visited the rooftop terrace garden. The scent of sage incense filled the air, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The most important thing to Sarah was having her family by her side in her last moments.

At the age of 33, Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Despite facing such a difficult battle, she showed grace and strength for the next 4 years. Sarah’s main concern was always the well-being of her loved ones, always putting them before herself. Her husband Ben Bousada, parents Alison and Bradley Smith, sister Shelby, brother-in-law Brad, and nephew Roy will forever be inspired by her courageous spirit.

To know Sarah was to experience her genuine kindness and empathy. She had a unique ability to truly listen when you spoke to her, making every conversation feel special. Sarah had a nurturing nature, caring for her relationships like a gardener tends to plants, helping them grow. She was a generous friend, and it was a privilege to have known her.

Sarah had a deep appreciation for all things gentle and comforting in life. She loved soft blankets, animals, taking warm baths, and seeing toddlers wearing sunglasses. Beyond her gentle nature, Sarah was also highly intelligent and a brilliant attorney. She spent over a decade working at the labour and employment law firm Mathews Dinsdale, alongside some of her closest friends. Sarah earned her Juris Doctor from Western University and held a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Toronto. She was also a proud graduate of her hometown’s Queen’s University.

Sarah was truly a gift to the world, possessing incredible beauty, intelligence, and kindness. Her family and friends adored her, and she will be deeply missed. A celebration of Sarah’s life will be held in Toronto in late September, with further details to be announced soon. We are forever grateful to have had Sarah in our lives, and her legacy will continue to inspire us all.

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