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Sheila Kelsey, a woman who lived a long and fulfilling life spanning 98 years, peacefully passed away on September 20 with her loving husband, Denham, by her side during her final days. She is survived by Denham, their daughter Anne, and their son Chris, as well as their respective spouses, Alan and Susan. Additionally, Sheila leaves behind 10 grandchildren, one great-grandson, and close relatives in England. Sadly, she was preceded in death by her brothers, John and Stuart.

Sheila was born in Beckenham, near London, and received her education in England and Scotland, where she excelled in art. Tragically, her family home was destroyed during a German blitzkrieg. Despite facing adversity, Sheila bravely pursued her dreams and trained as a physiotherapist at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, even enduring heavy bombardment during that period. On D-Day, she worked in a hospital on the English south coast, providing care to wounded soldiers returning from the beaches of Normandy. Sheila later contributed her skills to Dr. “Jimmy” Cyriax’s renowned orthopedic medicine practice in London.

In 1950, Sheila immigrated to Canada and settled in Vancouver, where she wholeheartedly embraced her new surroundings. In 1953, she married Denham, and together they embarked on a journey filled with shared interests and passions. Sheila had diverse hobbies such as digital photography, sailing, art collecting, writing, and music. She devoted her time to volunteering, caring for dogs, raising chickens, tending to her garden, breeding tropical fish, and marveling at the wonders of the natural world. The thrill of salmon fishing particularly captivated her.

Following Denham’s retirement, the couple relocated from Vancouver to Thetis Island, where they joyfully spent over 25 years together. However, as Sheila entered her late 80s, she began experiencing dementia. Consequently, she and Denham decided to move to the Comox Valley, where they could access the support and care Sheila needed. During her final two years, Sheila resided in Glacier View Lodge, where an exceptional team of caregivers provided her with unconditional love, patience, and compassion. The family expresses immense gratitude to these remarkable individuals.

In memory of Sheila, the family welcomes donations to the Thetis Island Community Fund, located at Box 12-14, Thetis Island, BC, V0R 2Y0.

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