Shirley Lummerding, a vibrant and compassionate individual, passed away peacefully at the age of 84 on Sunday, October 15, 2023. She was married to Donald Lummerding for 34 years until his death, and later found love and companionship with Joe Moldenhauer for 27 years. Their friendship lasted over 60 years, a testament to the deep connections Shirley formed with those around her.

Beloved by her students, Shirley played a significant role in the Regina and Saskatchewan music and arts community. She dedicated 50 years to teaching piano through the Regina music teacher association, not only imparting musical knowledge but also acting as a mentor, instilling confidence and self-worth in her students. Additionally, Shirley served as a cherished music adjudicator and examiner for the royal music conservatory, passionately supporting various forms of art, including the Regina symphony and up-and-coming Saskatchewan artists.

As an artist herself, Shirley explored different painting techniques and took classes in Japanese painting, watercolor, oils, and modern art. She had a deep appreciation for nature and enjoyed tending to her beautiful orchids and gardens. Shirley was described as vibrant, gracious, compassionate, and wise, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of meeting her.

Shirley was a woman ahead of her time, embracing diversity and advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, even during the 70s when acceptance was not as prevalent. Her home was a welcoming space for all, hosting parties that brought together people from all walks of life. Alongside her friend Fran Olsen and Father Frey, Shirley established an artist colony at Kenosee Lake, renovating small cabins and creating artist studios that remain in operation 26 years later.

Throughout her life, Shirley stayed true to her Catholic faith while surrounding herself with strong and independent women. She saw education as a vital tool for empowerment and believed in women’s strength, even when such beliefs were not commonly held. With her infectious laughter and sense of style, she left a lasting impression on those who crossed her path.

Shirley Lummerding, a resident of Regina, Saskatchewan, was born in Canora, SK. She leaves behind her daughter, Jada Aidun, and two beloved grandchildren, Aisha Aidun and Elias Aidun. Shirley’s love for travel allowed her to broaden her knowledge of different cultures, history, and the arts. Her zest for life and unyielding passion for knowledge and connection will be deeply missed by all. In her memory, donations can be made to the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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