Viktor Verdenik

July 10, 1938

October 1, 2023

Viktor Verdenik, aged X, peacefully departed from this mortal plane on October 1, 2023. In 1967, Viktor made the bold decision to uproot his family from Slovenia and settle in Canada. This courageous move not only allowed for new beginnings but also created a fertile ground for his passions to flourish. Amongst his community and loved ones, his unwavering love for the art of hunting and the thrill of bowling left an indelible mark.

Viktor’s proficiency in hunting was renowned throughout the region. His skill and knowledge of the craft were not only a testament to his dedication but also a reflection of his keen eye for detail and patience. Whether it was patiently tracking game in the wilderness or devouring tales of his hunting exploits around the campfire, Viktor’s experiences inspired not only awe but also a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature in those around him.

In addition to hunting, Viktor also embraced the exhilarating sport of bowling. His infectious enthusiasm for the game was not only evident within his immediate family but also resonated within the broader community. Viktor’s commitment to improving his bowling skills was admirable, and he took great pride in sharing his achievements with those closest to him. Through strikes, spares, and countless friendly competitions, Viktor brought joy and camaraderie to everyone fortunate enough to experience his passion for the sport.

Viktor is fondly remembered by his daughter Lijana and son Victor. As the embodiment of his legacy, they continue to honor their father’s memory by carrying forward his cherished traditions and values. The departure of Viktor Verdenik leaves an irreplaceable void in the hearts of all who knew and loved him. However, his spirit lives on through the memories shared and the impact he made on the lives he touched.

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