August 17, 1946

August 2, 2023

Virginia, who was born on August 17, 1946, in Lethbridge, Virginia, peacefully passed away in Edmonton on August 2, 2023, in the presence of her beloved family and friends. She is survived by her three daughters: Monique (Paul), Madeleine (Stanley), and Mireille. Virginia’s loving grandchildren, Joseph, William, Rose, Edgar, and Vincent, will deeply miss her. In 1987, she tragically lost her only son, Ben, at the age of 17.

Virginia will always be remembered as a pioneering educator, focusing on ESL, literacy, and workplace education. She was highly regarded within the church community for her lay supply and pastoral care. With a thirst for knowledge, Virginia attained an impressive academic background, including a BA in Sociology and Linguistics, an MEd in Educational Administration, a PhD in Curriculum Theory, and a certificate in Spiritual Direction.

During the last five years of her life, Virginia devoted herself to the pursuit of Active Dreaming, studying under Robert Moss. She considered the group to be her soul family. Virginia lived a rich and fulfilling life, and she expressed immense gratitude for it. Those of us who loved her also share this sentiment.

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