William Ray Soon

June 8, 1939

July 9, 2023

Ray was born in Vancouver and is survived by his wife Carole, with whom he was married for nearly 65 years. They were high school sweethearts and together they had four children: Caren, Rick, Cathy, and Colleen. Ray had a close relationship with his children and even coached them in various sports. Throughout his life, he formed many lifelong friendships, particularly at the Blue Mountain Racquet Club. Ray had a successful career, starting as a Sports Reporter with The Province and later working as a longshoreman and foreman on the waterfront. He was passionate about traveling and made annual trips to Maui. Ray’s loving family, friends, and neighbors will always remember him.

Ray’s presence will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and neighbors. He had a fulfilling life, surrounded by loved ones who cherished him. Ray had a strong bond with his wife Carole, whom he was married to for almost seven decades. They shared a beautiful love story that began in high school.

As a parent, Ray was actively involved in his children’s lives. He not only supported them in their endeavors but also coached them in various sports activities. This allowed him to form lasting friendships with other parents and athletes at the Blue Mountain Racquet Club. His dedication to his children extended beyond the sports field as he constantly kept in touch with his graduates from the Van Tech Class of ’57.

Ray’s career path took him from being a Sports Reporter at The Province to working on the docks as a longshoreman and eventually becoming a foreman on the waterfront. He excelled in his profession, leaving a positive impact on his colleagues. Additionally, Ray’s love for adventure led him to travel extensively around the world. However, his heart belonged to Maui, where he enjoyed his annual trips.

Above all, Ray will be remembered for the love and joy he brought into the lives of his family, friends, and neighbors. His memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have known him. Ray’s legacy is one of dedication, friendship, and cherished moments spent with loved ones.

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